Some background: my first brush (no pun intended) with wargaming was in college, in the 1990s; at that time I was playing “beer and pretzels” wargames like OGRE and quasi-wargames like Blood Bowl. After finishing my undergrad degree, going to work in the Dreaded Private Sector, and then returning to school to pick up a law degree, I lost the plot for a number of years, but by late 2010 had fallen into Warhammer 40k‘s enormous gravity well. My first love is the Blood Angels Space Marine chapter; after that, I’m partial to pretty much everything except Orks and Tau. I love the hobby aspect of the game, and I enjoy a lot of the “fluff” that describes the milieu in lavish detail. I am an admitted neophyte when it comes to actually playing, though.

I started this blog by way of sharing what I know about the hobby, thinking aloud about my projects, and chronicling progress with my hobby-related work. Comments are welcome but moderated in the interests of limiting spam (if your comment doesn’t appear immediately, that’s why).